Friday, August 10, 2012

Tomato Art Festival

Tomato Art Fest is this Saturday! I'm really excited to be a part of the festival witch as grown ever more as the years go by. This year an expected 30,000 patrons are rollin' into Five Points to celebrate art, music, East Nashville and of course, the all mighty tomato.

This year, I'm doing a live painting at The Green Wagon (See Map) from 10-Noon. The painting will be auctioned off at 5pm. All proceeds will go to the Nashville Bicycle Alliance. To further encourage you to ride your bike im giving everyone who rides a free robot sticker! So don't you dare drive your car.

Along with the live painting and auction I have 6 new paintings showing at The Building. They'll have live music and tomato art all day long. Plus! its b.y.o.b. So, if you happen to have a case of beers, you can drink them while enjoying the art and music.

So get out and enjoy the day, Eat a tomato, buy some art, drink a beer and listen to some of the amazing musical talent here in Nashville (example: The Future @ The Green Wagon 7pm).

Its a sure thing.
Do not miss it.

PS: Keep an eye out for all the new street art I've put up for this event.

Ryan McCauley

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